OEM+ is offered in different ‘Stages’ for many models with each stage giving increasing power outputs over the last. The simple format is that Stage 1 works on a completely standard car with no other modifications needed. Stage 2 then delivers higher power, and needs a high flow intake plus a high flow catalyst fitted. Then for those engine types for which we offer a Stage 3 option, that also requires our uprated turbocharger and other parts.

And the best bit? We give you the higher stage software for free. Start with Stage 1, then work your way up through Stage 2 and even 3 for no additional software cost.

For further info on pricing and booking please call us on 01253 821971 or mail info@volksworkshop.co.uk



We have been developing our OEM+ Performance Software for the past two decades to power our race-winning competition cars. But we know better than anyone that development doesn’t stop there. A fast car is always a smooth, torque-rich car. And that’s why we believe our OEM+ to be simply the best ECU Software Upgrades and TCU DSG Transmission Software in the market, conceived from a very different approach.

By bringing together a full suite of carefully developed software, all matched to work in perfect harmony with our ever-growing range of hardware, we truly believe that RacingLine Performance can offer customers the most complete range of upgrades for their VWG car.