Racingline Stage 3 Golf 7 R Hybrid IS38 Makes some Power !

STAGE 3 TURBO KIT IS38 HYBRID GOLF R, GTI, AUDI S3, TTS, CUPRA   << Take a look at the kit here

apr porsche tuning



APR having been busy working away on there new Porsche tuning options.

Just like any other platform these have been in development and tested both on the road and in anger at the track to ensure the end user gets the best tuning options available today.

The new exciting releases !

APR ECU Upgrade Stages

APR’s ECU Upgrades support various octanes both with or without any hardware modifications. Each stage is fully compatible with an upgraded intake, intercooler, exhaust, or other minor bolt on modifications.

Porsche Mode Switching

Each upgrade offers a host of improvements beyond power alone. Using Porsche’s Normal, Sport, and Sport Plus modes offers varying levels of output while retaining all of the unique characteristics present in each mode. Sport and Sport plus modes give you full power and torque. Normal mode give you modest increase over stock, but focuses on economy and comfort. We’ve optimized boost, fueling, ignition, cams, and more to achieve greater power and torque in all scenarios.


In Sport Plus mode we’ve reduced turbo lag during reapplication of the throttle by building boost while off the throttle. We have linearized the pedal maps for a more predictable throttle response curve, which works exceptionally well on the track. We’ve enabled left foot braking, and brake boosting. The speed limiter has been removed. We’ve optimized the software to better handle larger wheels without excessive torque interventions. And finally we’ve inverted the start stop functionality so the vehicle starts with this feature disabled.


With many customers tracking their Porsche, safety is paramount in our calibration strategy. Through the use of extreme datalogging equipment and additional sensors, thermocouples, and transducers, our engineers were able to fully optimize the ECU for advanced safety routines.

This includes implementing several routines not enabled from the factory. The entire thermal management system is optimized to reduce engine bay temperature, and reduce intake air temperature, while also implementing advanced protection routines to prevent oil temperature from achieving unsafe levels.

The exhaust crackles disable when temperature thresholds are crossed, and are only enabled in sport mode. Next, we help protect the engine from LSPI by preventing the engine from being lugged out in tall gears.

We also protect the turbo from damaging compressor surge, and add in turboshaft overspeed protection. We’ve enabled new temperature protection routines to prevent the engine, exhaust, and other components from overheating, and have implemented temperature management strategies that are fully mindful of the platform’s limited fueling capabilities.

We’ve optimized the injection strategy to not only deliver a fatter torque curve and better spool, but to reduce the chances of knock, and torque dips. This is also achieved alongside per cylinder ignition advance and fuel trimming.

For more information click on this link HERE to go to the APR Porsche tuning page .

If you would like to book in for an amazing APR ECU upgrade call us on 01253 821971

G25-550 G25-660 INFO



Garrett 550 and 660 available here



The most powerful small frame turbocharger on the market

Introducing performance out of a package you never thought possible. This clean sheet product is tailored to meet the demands of hard core racing enthusiasts while providing industry leading power capability in a small package.

The G-Series G25-550 and the G25-660 turbochargers are compatible with 1.4L – 3.0L engine displacements and capable of producing up to 550 and 660 horsepower. G Series 25 turbochargers are smaller and outflow all comparable products on the market.

New compressor and turbine aero combined with high temperature resistant materials allowed engineers to push the limits of performance.

A new name designates a new generation of industry leading technology and innovation.

Understanding the Name:
G25-550 || G25-660

G designates 81 years of Garrett® heritage.

25 classifies the size of the frame. The remaining 3 digits identify the max horsepower rating of the turbocharger. (ie 550)

Compressor Aero

Forged fully-machined compressor wheel and new aerodynamics increase maximum horsepower output and boost response. The CFD (computational fluid dynamics) engineered compressor wheel increases air flow up to 15% for 60mm and 30% for 67mm with 79-80% efficiency. (Compared to GTX GenII)

Available in standard rotation and reverse rotation options for enthusiasts that want the perfect twin turbo installation or a single reverse rotation turbo for applications with installation restrictions.

The compressor housing features a fully machined ported shroud to help reduce compressor surge. A fully machined speed sensor port provides enthusiasts the option to add the new G Series speed sensor to measure turbocharger shaft speed, a key factor in determining ideal operating conditions.

The new speed sensor is easy to install and does not need to be adjusted for length like previous sensors. Simply remove and plug, then insert the speed sensor and tighten the bolt. The new speed sensor is sold separately and is not compatible with GT and GTX sensors due to the new design and sizing.
The addition of an o-ring between the compressor housing and backplate reduces the possibility of boost pressure leakage.

Center Housing

A new one-piece center housing and backplate increase durability and product safety by reducing the number of failure points associated with the turbocharger. The center housing to turbine housing v-band connection allows for 360 degree orientation when installing with Garrett® non-wastegated turbine housings.

Water Jackets

Four large water jacket ports increase cooling capacity and allow enthusiasts to customize water line routing to help improve the installation process. The turbocharger comes with two -6AN water fittings and two plugs.

*Recommended to install waterlines on opposite sides of the housing.

Oil Passage

A single stage oil passage directs pressurized oil to the new oil cavity ensuring proper bearing lubrication at both sides of the cartridge.

Each turbocharger includes (1) -4AN oil restrictor fitting with a 1mm orifice to provide the turbo with the recommended 40psi of oil pressure.

Rotating Group- twin piston rings

A shorter bearing cartridge allows us to incorporate twin piston rings on both sides of the shaft wheel assembly. This will reduce the likeliness of oil leakage at the seals from the center housing to the compressor and or turbine stage.

Turbine Wheel Aero

The turbine wheel features all new aerodynamics to improve flow and boost response. The new turbine wheel is made of Mar-M super alloy and is capable of handling exhaust gas temperatures up to 1050 degrees C.
The new turbine wheel flows 15-20% more than GTX and has peak efficiency of 74%.

Turbine Housings

All G Series Turbine housings are made from stainless steel to provide ultimate durability and temperature resistance up 1050 degrees C.
Internally wastegated housings are compact, efficient, and designed with maximum bypass port size to reduce boost creep and provide better boost control.
Turbine housings are available in a variety of wastegated and non-wastegated, open volute, T25 and Vband configurations so be sure to order the correct part for your application.

rts clutch ea113 golf gti

RTS clutch has developed the ultimate SMF conversion kit & flywheel specifically for the TFSI engine.


RTS unique “Twin Friction” (drive plate) has been developed using a unique flywheel side friction material whilst adopting a segmented pressure plate face.. The aramid friction exhibits 50% less wear than a conventional drive plate friction material.

This material also reduces the effects of fade. Fade is the decline in the clutch system’s ability to transmit torque as operating temperatures increases. These features in combination with the previously mentioned micro-structure of spheroidal casting and ER2 technology allows the clutch kit to dissipate heat far more effectively, allowing the clutch to run cooler for longer.

RTS clutch kit has been designed with a higher clamp load enabling the clutch system to transmit 60% more torque over the standard clutch kit and is suitable for every day driving, fast road and track/circuit racing whilst maintaining user-friendly driving experience.

RTS clutch Twin Friction kit has been designed with a higher clamp load allowing

RTS – 5389SMF has been designed and manufactured to significantly exceed the original clutch system whilst also maintaining OE pedal effort, thus delivering a torque capacity of 435 lbs/ft of torque.

We recommend fitting a new slave cylinder when changing the clutch.




The APR Catback Exhaust System personalizes your sound and performance. Beautifully hand-crafted T304-stainless-steel components adorn the system with stunning TIG-welding throughout.

Our straight-through brushed-finished mufflers smooth the exhaust note to a deep growl, without adding restrictions. Strong high-quality bracketry and OEM-style clamps hold the system steadily in place, making the install or removal a snap, and fitment simple, yet precise. Cast 2.75” to dual 2.5” rear splitter creates an ultra-smooth transition, steadily feeding exhaust gasses out of the system.

Our cast valve housings enable the vehicle to be fitted with the factory electronic valve actuators, retaining OEM valve operation.  An optional center muffler / Center muffler delete is available.

Quick Facts

  • T304 stainless-steel construction
  • Argon-back-purged TIG welding throughout
  • Dual 2.75″ to quad 2.5″ mandrel-bent brushed tubing
  • Ultra-smooth cast 2.75″ to dual 2.5″ splitters
  • Brushed-finished straight-through sound-absorption mufflers with an optional center muffler or straight pipes
  • Cast valve housings and brackets for OEM electronic actuators
  • Rugged and precise mounting brackets
  • CNC bent and laser cut tunnel brace for added chassis rigidity
  • OEM style slip clamps
  • Direct fit to the OEM and APR Race DP exhaust systems
  • Low-profile design, suitable for lowered vehicles
  • Larger diameter piping compared to stock
  • Larger diameter tips compared to stock
  • Designed, developed, assembled and quality controlled in-house
  • Easy to install
  • Limited lifetime warranty


Audi RS4 B9 Tuning

rs4 b9 engine



mqb turbo inlet pipe

The VWS Performance MQB turbo inlet is simple but very effective.

How does it work ?

This inlet pipe works by replacing the smaller plastic factory version with a smooth larger diameter CNC’d aluminium version that allows more air flow in to the turbocharger.

Gains ?

To put it simply more air flow means more power,  Even on a standard car the VWS turbo inlet will increase midrange and on tuned cars this is only amplified.

What models does it fit ?

This item fits many of the MQB platform cars both 1.8T and 2.0T seen below

Golf MK7 + MK7.5 GTI and Clubsport/Clubsport S / Golf R /

Audi A3 8V 1.8T + 2.0 + S3 TFSI

Audi TT/TTS 1.8TSI + 2.0TSI 2014 onwards

Seat Leon Cupra 1.8TSI 2.0TSI

Skoda Octavia 5E 1.8 + 2.0TSI + VRS

How much and where can i purchase one ?

Click the link below to go to our store to purchase your VWS turbo inlet for just £69.99



We are proud to offer the full range of Racingline Performance parts at here at Volks Workshop.

Here’s a little history about Racingline Performance

RacingLine was formed in 1997, originally named Volkswagen Motorsport UK, fully owned by the Volkswagen Group AG in Germany.  Back in those days, we concentrated on our British Rally Championship programme.

The first car we competed with was the Golf 3 ‘Kit Car’ using a high-revving 2.0 16v engine producing 285 HP / 8250 rpm. With two cars, driven by Alister McRae and Tapio Laukkanen, we won the 1997 British Rally Championship.

In 1999 the wonderful, wide-arched Golf 4 ‘Kit Car’ arrived. We entered two cars into the British Rally Championship, using 2.0 20V naturally aspirated Lehmann engines with Mark Higgins and Raimund Baumschlager behind the wheel of each. We came second overall in that year’s BRC.

In 2000, we also entered a Golf 4 Kit Car in diesel form alongside our petrol version, with Neil Simpson at the wheel – the first (and only) time anyone had used TDI in the BRC.

In 2001 we transferred over to the FIA’s new Super 1600 category. It was a difficult year, with the British Rally Championship significantly reduced because of Foot and Mouth disease hitting the UK.

Running the Hannover-built Polo GTI S1600 with a tricky high-revving Lehmann engine, second place in that year’s championship was probably a better result than we deserved! At the same time the team rebranded that year under the manufacturer’s new ‘Volkswagen Racing’ corporate identity.

RacingLine Volkswagen Racing Polo Super1600 rally car

By 2002, changes in British Rallying regulations were afoot meaning that Volkswagen no longer had a car that could win. We re-concentrated our efforts away from the forests and towards circuit racing in the form of our Volkswagen Racing Cup Championship, still flourishing all these years on.

 The team’s first build of a circuit car was pretty unique, as we used a 1.9 TDI diesel engine in a Golf 4. With the car’s first win at Thruxton circuit, we entered the record books claiming the world’s first ever victory in a sprint race format for a diesel car.

We had a bit of fun in 2004 with the Caddy racer, built for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles as a show-stopper for the new model. We’d hit another world-first back in late 2002 with the first-gen Caddy racer as the first ever competitive racing van.

The 2004 model represented a big step forward. Using a high-powered 2.0 TDI engine and heavily modified rear suspension, it was perfectly capable of mixing

it with the Golf GTIs and R32s in the race championship at the time.

RacingLine Volkswagen Racing Caddy TDI racing car


2005 saw the introduction of the Golf 5 GTI. The year before, we had been the first in the world to enter the Golf 5 into motorsport, using a TDI engine, but the new 2.0 TFSI engine in the GTI was too good to resist.

The first GTI to come into the country, a LHD pre-production car that had been used for the launch photography and filming of the TV ad. This same car was delivered to us for promotional purposes and also gave us the opportunity to develop and test new parts.

An unusual challenge for the team in 2013. The British GT Championship needed a Safety Car – something capable of staying in front of the Aston, Ferrari and Porsche GT3 cars on track.

What better car than the brand new Golf 7R? Using the first 7R in the UK, we fitted every part from the RacingLine catalogue and boosted the power as high as we could take iit. Which more than did the job!

RacingLine added some heavy firepower to the fleet in 2016, with the addition of an Audi R8 24hr race car.

Not content with just one racing R8 though, we also entered into a partnership to take on the World Time Attack world finals in Sydney, Australia with another Audi – this version running a mighty V10 with twin turbos and over 1200bhp. Both R8s are proudly sporting matching liveries in the new RacingLine branding – and we think look pretty stunning!

2017 has seen RacingLine move into the latest worldwide motorsport sensation – the TCR Touring Car formula. RacingLine is partnering with Volkswagen Motorsport, Audi Sport and SEAT Sport for race car sales, along with parts and engineering support. 

Not only that, in partnership with RacingLine Japan, we have our own Golf GTI TCR competing. That car claimed a pole to flag win at the 10 hour endurance race at Fuji on only its second outing!!


RacingLine Group is based in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. We are a tier-1 partner to the Volkswagen Group, and to many we are best known for delivering the Volkswagen Racing motorsport programme ever since 1997. It was out of this manufacturer motorsport program that our increasingly popular Motorsport & Performance Parts range was born, now sold all over the world. 

When you understand our history, it’s no surprise that we are so close to VWG. RacingLine was originally founded by Volkswagen Group, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Motorsport GmbH in Hannover, Germany. 

Over the two decades that we have been running the Volkswagen motorsport programme, we’ve had the privilege to build and run some of the competition cars shown above, competing in the premier levels of race and rally on behalf of the manufacturer around the globe. Throughout, we have been engaged in a programme of constant engineering development of motorsport parts for our own race and rally cars, plus our worldwide customers – with some great success.

And it is this unrivalled experience and partnership with Volkswagen Group, both through ‘works’ motorsport and via the relationships that we have nurtured directly with the OEMs that has led us to develop the RacingLine Performance Parts & Software range, today sold through our distributors all around the world. We believe that we bring a very different approach to the performance aftermarket.

Meanwhile, alongside our ever-growing Performance Parts programme, RacingLine’s motorsport heart beats as strong as ever.  As well as our TCR partnership with Audi Sport, Volkswagen Motorsport and SEAT Sport, we also run and promote the FIA’s ‘Formula 4’ Championship in the UK, discovering the single-seater racing stars of the future.  And of course our own Audi R8 GT endurance racer is a project that keeps our passion at the forefront.

But there’s much more to the wider RacingLine Group than just the Performance Parts and Motorsport programmes that many know us for.

Our in-house Events company, RacingLine Events, is also a Tier-1 supplier to Volkswagen Group, delivering hundreds of corporate events per year for the different automotive brands, ranging from international vehicle launches, to high-performance driving events, to manufacturer training, to conference and incentive work.

RacingLine Group rolls together our huge passion for Volkswagen Group products (and, let’s be honest, making them go faster) with the reassurance of quality and responsibility that comes from our nearly twenty year relationship with the manufacturer themselves.

We hope you enjoy looking around our site, and thank you for choosing RacingLine.

apr 2.5 tfsi stage 2

APR Stage 2 Race Downpipe and Midpipes for the 2.5 TFSI EVO !

December 5th, 2018


The APR Race DP and Midpipes are the ultimate exhaust upgrade for the Auti 2.5 TFSI EVO! This system is sold in multiple configurations and is completely compatible with every component in the factory exhaust system, allowing you to customize the exhaust to your desire. We upgrade various components, which allow for better turbocharger response and power delivery, while delivering an enhanced 5 cylinder symphony you’ll love! Expect only the best components and highest quality and manufacturing techniques, and to fully enjoy the full system, get the APR Stage 2 ECU Upgrade at no charge over APR Stage 1/1+ with the included free upgrade code!

APR Stage 2 ECU Upgrade for the 2.5 TFSI EVO !

December 5th, 2018


The APR Stage 2 ECU Upgrade maximizes performance on the stock turbo! This upgrade requires the APR Inlet System, APR RS3 Intercooler System or APR TT RS Intercooler System, and APR Race DP with the APR Race Midpipe Exhaust System and produces 499-574 HP with 468-530 FT-LBS of torque, depending on octane. Gains as high as 92-165 HP and 113-165 FT-LBS of torque are available throughout the power band with improved turbocharger spool and improved pedal mapping. To get more power, the vehicle can be outfitted with an upgraded intake, catback exhaust, a quality TB inlet pipe and other small modifications without requiring any new modification to the ECU. For vehicles that are incompatible with the upgraded APR Inlet System, expected reduced output.

To book in just contact us on 01253 821971

New Tune for your RS3 TTRS face lift model with map switching


renegade fuel

We are now a proud Renegade Race and Performance fuel dealer !

We are able to supply the full range of fuels for both road and track, if you would like advise on what fuels would benefit your application don’t hesitate to contact us.

Drag racing, Circuit, Sprinting, Stock cars you name it we have a fuel for you to release the most from your engine.

Our Mission Statement


The Renegade Program got its start way back in 1975 when the founder, Toby Baptiste was running his father’s dragster down the drag strip starting at the age of 15.  After experiencing fuel system problems that were caused by poor quality fuel and not getting any support from the fuel manufacturer to make it right, Toby set out to find a better way.  So at the age of 18, Toby started a small fuel business out of his father Ronnie’s one car garage and named it after his father’s racing team, Renegade Racing.

The company was small and there was a lot to be learned, but Toby never gave up and continued to build his name in the race fuel business.  Then, in 1998, Toby was provided the opportunity to take on a distributorship with an already well established race fuel company.  In just a few short years, Toby’s Renegade Racing Fuels distributorship had become one of the largest distributors of race fuel in that part of the country.  It was at this point that Toby decided it was time to start blending and distributing his own Race Fuel Products.  So in 2004 Toby partnered with Valor Oil Company and established what we know today as the Renegade Racing Fuels and Lubricants Division of Valor, LLC.

Using the experience gained throughout those early years and with the resources of Valor Oil, LLC, Renegade Racing Fuels and Lubricants has become a major player in the Race and Performance Fuel market.  With nationwide distribution and a growing global presence through distributors in many countries around the world Renegade is quickly becoming a household name with racers.

Available in our store soon !