The German company said output would end at its plant in Mexico next July after production of celebration models.

Volkswagen is ending production of its Beetle in 2019, closing the door on one of the world’s most iconic car designs.

Volkswagen, in the wake of the diesel emissions scandal and huge investment in electric vehicles, says it will look to slim down its model range with a greater focus on family and electric cars.

The company say the final Beetle models will be available in both coupe and convertible styles.

The Beetle was originally designed in the 1930s by legendary engineer Ferdinand Porsche – a name now synonymous with fast cars – at the behest of Adolf Hitler, who wanted to see a cheap and practical mass-produced car made available to the German people.

Production of the Beetle has ceased and then been revived several times over the decades, with the last of the original design rolling out of VW’s Mexican factory in 2003.

The “New Beetle” redesign, which was based on VW’s Golf, stormed the US market in the late 1990s, selling more than 80,000 in 1999.

The company is already thought to have reviewed a possible model revamp and options for electric versions in recent years, before deciding on its abandonment.

But Mr Woebcken didn’t completely rule out that the model could one day be resurrected: “Never say never.”

Volkswagen sold 11,151 Beetles during the first eight months of 2018, down 2.2% from the same period a year earlier.


dash panel

link ecu mxs dash

Link Engine Management are proud to announce the latest addition to their wide range of ECU’s and accessories – the Link MXS Strada dash, powered by AiM technologies. This dash is the result of a partnership between the New Zealand based engine management company and world-renowned driver display manufacturer originating from Italy, AiM Technologies.


Link MXS Strada dash, powered by AiM Technologies

⚠️ New Product Alert! ⚠️Introducing the Link MXS Strada dash, powered by AiM Technologies. This dash features a full colour high-contrast TFT display, auto-adjustable brightness levels, fully customizable shift lights and multiple screen layouts pre-loaded. Best of it – it is preconfigured to connect with all Link ECU’s, instantly displaying information the ECU is reading about the engine on the 5” colour screen!We have two versions available – the Street Icon edition and the Race edition. To find out more, read here:

Posted by Link ECU on Tuesday, 11 September 2018

The Link MXS Strada is preconfigured to connect with all Link ECU’s, instantly displaying information the ECU is reading about the engine on the 5” colour display. Featuring customisable shift lights, flexible alarms and a high contrast TFT screen, the dash is an essential enhancement in engine protection with its ability to transmit vital engine data to the driver’s cockpit. Visual quality is always optimal as the ambient light sensor auto-adjusts the brightness of the display.

The Link MXS dash is currently available in two versions, the Street Icon edition and the Standard edition. Both display a range of data such as speed, water temperature, oil pressure, lap times and much more.

The race edition features six fully customisable LED lights down the side which can be used as a wide range of alarms and warnings.

The street icon edition has street icons down the side, which include turn signals, high beam lights, oil pressure, water temperature warnings and an engine check light.

Both versions are extremely easy to use, with buttons on the side to navigate through a library of pre-set display styles depending on what information you want to see. These include RPM, speed, water temperature, oil pressure and much more.

The ten multi-coloured RGB shift lights along the top can be modified as you like, defining the RPM threshold for each single gear.

These layouts and shift lights can all be further customized through the AiM software or Link ECU software PC Link.

The dash can handle up to 8 fully configurable analogue inputs, 2 digital inputs and 1 digital output, with further expansion possible via the CAN connection, meaning many external sensors and inputs can be connected.

Available to buy in our shop now just click here >>>>  Link ECU MXS Strada Dash Panel Race Edition    Link ECU MXS Strada Dash Panel Street Edition

APR Tuning

Realeased today, we have a new tune for your RS3 TTRS face lift model with map switching. APR is pleased to present the ultimate engine control unit (ECU) upgrade for the 2.5T EA855 EVO (Gen 2) engine!

APR 2.5 TFSI EA855 EVO ECU Upgrade

  • +66-132 Horsepower
  • +88-146 FT-LBS of Torque
  • Faster and More Exciting
  • Money Back Guarantee


APR’s ECU Upgrades are the best dollar-per-horsepower modification one can make to the 2.5T engine. The upgrades dramatically increase horsepower and torque, making for an exceptionally quicker and more exciting vehicle. This is made possible through APR’s optimization of the factory engine management system to take full advantage of the engine’s capabilities, without needing any end user adjustment. The software loads to the factory ECU through the OBD-II port, resulting in a clean and headache-free install. Optional features, such as APR’s EMCS Program Switching and APR Mobile are available. Furthermore, for those looking for tuning with a limited powertrain warranty, APR Plus has you covered!

APR ECU Upgrade Stages

APR’s ECU Upgrades are available in multiple stages, supporting various octanes both with or without any hardware modifications. Specific software is available for use with a high flow downpipe exhaust system and drop-in turbocharger upgrades are coming soon. Each stage is fully compatible with an upgraded intake, intercooler, catback exhaust, or other minor bolt on modifications.

Each stage includes optimizations to the factory boost gauge making it react more quickly and corrections to the power and torque gauges to match the increased output. Furthermore, we’ve added left foot braking, removed the speed limiter, raised the rev-limiter and added a motorsport limiter, adjusted the factory exhaust crackle to protect the catalyst, optimized cold start, retuned the exhaust flap actuation for the best performance and sound in multiple modes, optimized high altitude mappings, retuned the throttle for better response, and completely optimized the driving experience for street and track use making for a much more enjoyable driving experience!